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Rockshield Capital

Rockshield Capital makes early stage seed investments of dollars and human capital with the expectation of superior rates of return. We search for opportunities where we can unlock value as a partner. We do not operate businesses; rather we strive to complement management as active participants.

We assist with financings, identify acquisition targets, develop strategic plans, support operations and implement exit strategies.

Our Philosophy

Rockshield takes an active role in each investment it makes. Financial support alone will not guarantee that a company will succeed, so contact with Rockshield's knowledge base and resources is never limited to just the boardroom.

Rockshield's broad industry knowledge, operational skills and transactional experience in public and private markets; combined with an understanding of entrepreneurialism allows us the ability to create long-lasting relationships, and ultimately outperform our competitors.

Our Strategy

We understand that creating a successful business needs more than capital. Our strategy involves working directly with, and aligning our interest with management to create, and unlock value. We aim to invest in businesses that make sense given current and prospective market conditions that will, under reasonable assumptions, result in a higher rate of return for our shareholders.

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